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The Food Factory – ultimate food & recipes WordPress theme was released just 2 days ago. So we thought it may be a good idea to shed a bit more light on its features.

The theme was designed especially for food bloggers, cooking enthusiasts, chefs and food lovers. Whether you are professional such as chef or cook, or just would like to publish your own recipes for your own needs the Food Factory will help you do this quickly and easy.

Below we have listed just a few of many features that will help you to run your blog or food related website successfully.


Food Recipe Posts


The Food Factory has built-in recipe posts with extra custom fields – so there is no need for additional plugins and you can be sure everything is cohesive and works well with the theme. You may take advantage of the following:

  • recipe ingredients
  • course
  • cooking method
  • skill level
  • recipe steps
  • recipe short description ( used for Rich Snippets)
  • number of servings
  • prep time


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Translation Ready Food WP Theme


While developing the Food Factory we though also about non-english speaker or those who would like to set up their website or blog in language other than english. So the Food Factory is translation ready and some of the fields can be added while creating new posts. Some of the phrases can be translated through the Theme Panel and the theme has .po files included for your convenience too.

Monetizing Food Blog

We understand that many professional food bloggers want their blogs to be profitable. This allows them to become full time bloggers rather than treating it as a hobby. Of course some folks may want to have extra cash handy to cover their expenses. Let’s be honest – who doesn’t like to have an extra income. Especially when the income comes from doing what we love. Food blogging can be full time experience when done properly. That is why it is important to monetize your blog. We thought about that too. Therefore we included following features in the food factory:

Advertising Posts

The Food Factory has advertising custom posts ready for you to use. To make it more interesting you will be able to add adverts posts between your regular posts – simply by adding affiliate links, sponsored message or banner (either code or image) into your advertising post. Why we did it this way? Well, this way you will have control where your banner will appear and it won’t be too aggressive for your visitors.

Saying that there are other options available in the theme:

  • Banner Widget
  • Advertising Squares (4 x 125px ) banner ad widget
  • Banner shortcode built in the shortcode system available in few clicks

So really you can easily join affiliate networks, work with sponsors and advertisers directly and start monetizing your blog. If you wish you can drive more traffic to your most valuable posts gaining more loyal audience and build you brand

Customizable Colors & Backgrounds

Choose your own theme colors

As we already mentioned elsewhere on the website the theme is highly customizable, allowing you to adjust it to your needs and personal taste. Although the Food Factory comes in pre-set colors and fonts you can choose the colors your like, choose from over 500 fonts (Google Fonts integrated + custom fonts added), set different link colors, set up colors & background textures, pictures. Possibilities are endless. So although our demo may look not good enough for you, many elements such as layouts, widgets, pages can be set differently.

Rich Snippets Recipe Posts


We made sure your recipes will look good in search engines by adding markup for Rich Snippets – Recipe Type. This way when someone will search for recipe your post will show as recipe, not only as regular post.

See Demos – or – Purchase The Theme

More info about other features soon.

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