New Cattleya is here. Feminine. Stylish. Perfect For Blog or Shop.

Introducing new fashion & lifestyle WordPress theme for bloggers, designers, shop owners, women entrepreneurs and lifestyle bloggers – meet Cattleya.

Catlleya is a responsive eCommerce ready WordPress website template that can be used either for blog or building powerful WooCommerce powered e-shop. Naturally the theme will work with self-hosted websites/blogs only so you will have to have your domain and hosting ready (don’t have it yet or need assistance – drop us an email)

What else? Well, we aim for it to be easy to use, with plethora of options such us unlimited background & header colors, headings colors, headings fonts ( hundreds of Google Fonts are already integrated ready to use), custom layouts, social network widgets, built in shortcodes. So most of the rules from all of our latest themes will apply with Theme Options panel to be similar, yet here and there improved or changed.

What you are waiting for? Go ahead and check out live demo or download the theme straight away.

Cattleya 5

Pictured demo deosn’t show full capabilities and doesn’t force you to build only fashion related blog / website / store. Actually you will be able to build any type of website you want – imagine having tools to craft any site to your needs. You will have shortocodes, widgets, look & style customizer = Theme Options panel at your disposal.

So you are not obliged to stick to fashion, beauty or lifestyle… if your’re blogger who simply wants to upgrade look of your blog. Go for it. Don’t like the fonts we have used on our demo page? Nothing more simple. You can customize it with powerful theme options panel. Want to add google analytics, add authorship, comments, meta options, change layout? Well you can do that. Should you need any help? Our team is here for you Alternatively we can install and set the theme up for you to save your time and hassle. More info & download at Cattleya page.

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