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Weeping Willow Responsive Blogging WordPress Theme.

Featuring responsively designed, optimized for mobile & desktop devices, clean and modern WordPress theme. Designed mostly for regular, everyday bloggers and minimal style lovers. Flexible. Simple. Clean. Effective.

Main Features

  • Clean & Minimilist Design
  • Responsive Design – your blog will adjust it’s layout for specific device. The theme performs well on bigger desktop screens, laptops, through tablets and smartphones too.
  • Logo, Favicon & Header changeable via theme panel
  • Sticky Menu – Menu bar can be set to stay on the top while scrolling down the page. This feature can improve user experience and navigation flow.
  • Unlimited Colors – Colors can be adjusted easily via Theme Options panel where you can set colors for backgrounds, body text, links, top and bottom navigation and headers separately. This allows you to build trully unique color scheme and even using the same theme you can create totally different website or blog. Putting it simply – you can make your blog own
  • Custom Fonts – The theme includes Google Web Fonts support as well as preloaded web fonts loaded locally (within the theme). Unlike many other themes there is no need to dig up in code and messing around with headers or css files, you can just use simple dropdown field to choose the font and style you like. And again you can set fonts separately for main content, headers (H1 – H6) and navigations (top & bottom). This provides you extra flexibility and plethora of options.Note: Of Course the theme comes with preset color scheme, type faces and colors, saying that the style & color scheme can be changed in couple of clicks.
  • Shortcodes System – When using our Weeping Willow theme your blog / website can be extended by many great elements such as tabs, accordions, sliders, buttons, lists and many more by using shortcodes. So you don’t need to be expert in coding and spent extra time when you decide to add extra stylish elements here and there.
  • Font Icons – You can use really easily icons from Font Awesome – that means hundreds of quality icon at your service. You can use it either in template or withing your posts, widgets or pages, so actually wherever you like. Icons as many other elements can be added by using shortcode button in WordPress text editor, alternatively you can add CSS classes to your html markup if your prefer to do things this way.
  • Post Formats support means extra post templates audio, video, image, gallery, standard, quote & link
  • Slider – theme comes bundled with slider as well as built in slider for gallery post format
  • Portfolio / Image gallery post formats – single image post, gallery post, video (self-hosted & 3rd party), audio. This feature can help you build small or big image gallery section on your blog or website if needed. Gallery can be presented as grid (leveled multi-columns) or masonry gallery view. Extra features can be enabled / disabled i.e. descriptions, likes, sharing options
  • Social Media Support – this WP theme comes equipped with plenty social media integration options such as Instagram feed widget, Facebook widget, Flickr widget, Social Networks widget letting you link your favorite profiles (icons included; support for Bloglovin and Etsy too)


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For what type of website or niche you can use it?
Weeping Willow WP template can be used to build any type of blog or website, however it was designed mostly for general, everyday bloggers writing about general things, lifestyle, craft or art & design. It can perform really well used for craft, art or hobbyst websites.