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Emma asked 6 years ago

 How can I control how these display. At the moment they tend to be huge when in archive mode. I need to have more control over this as my images are book covers – some times it displays the whole cover, sometimes just a section. I need to display the entire cover, but also have a uniform size when it appears in a list. Hope that makes sense??

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Themebullet Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Emma,
can you please provide the url to your blog so we can take a look. Generally featured images are cropped & resized by the script. If images are bigger then certain size they are cropped. If you provide us with the link to your blog we can take a look and see what’s going there and can set it up differently.
Kind regards,

Emma answered 6 years ago

Absolutely, thanks. It’s on a local host at the moment whilst I get everything sorted. I’ll arrange to make it available so you can see. Is there an email / contact I can use to send it to you directly?

Themebullet Staff answered 6 years ago

Of course, please write to support [at] or you can raise a support ticket.