7 Free UI Kits For Website Or Mobile App Projects

There are times in web developer’s life when you are too busy or simply don’t want to dig into the actual design and develop things quicker. In moments like that you may consider using UI design kits. Many of high quality UI (user interface) design kits can be downloaded for free. Below we have listed a decent collection of high quality designs that can be used for your next project.

1. DO. Huge Free UI Kit For App Design


We are opening our list with DO – great free UI Kit. This huge asset includes over 250 elements, 10 themes and contains 130 screen. It can be used to create your next app or website. Featuring well balanced, flat designed interfaces and web elements can be used in Photoshop or Sketch. It was brought to life by folks at InvisionApp.


2. Free Material Design UI Kit


Great ‘quick starter’ for easier website projects or clean application. The main goal was to keep things clean and simple. The authors used free fonts in the projects and organized elements into separate layers.


3. Free Mountainer 2015 PSD UI Kit


We like this one really, probably because of our passion for skiing sports and love for winter. Great starter for winter themed web projects was created by Czech web designer, UI / UX designer Jiri Barta.


4. Personal Dashboard User Interface Kit Freebie


Dennis Terrey designed the Personal Dashboard – neat free UI kit. You can download the freebie PSD file from his dribble profile.


5. Bright & Clean Aesthetics UI Kit by Pillows


This freebie UI Kit includes over 30 elements & modules that may become handy for your next website project.


6. Nakropol – Free UI Kit PSD by Orkan Çep


Embracing vivid colors, organized layout and clean modern typography – Nakropol is a superb asset to help you with your website or mobile app project. Featuring elements useful for ecommerce store or multi-purpose website.


7. Crystalize Web UI Kit


Alon Ashkenazy is the creator of the Crystallize UI Kit that can also be downloaded for free. The project uses feminine ‘pinkish/magenta’ colours and utilizes material design. It can be effectively used for more feminine website design. We do not necessary liked the font choice here but it is still great piece of work. Don’t forget to follow Alon on his Dribble profile.



Using pre-designed free UI Kits can not only save you some cash on outsourcing the work in busy times but also proves to be great idea to speed up web development process. Many kits contain sufficient number of components allowing your to build really beautiful interfaces, websites or mobile applications.

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